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Environmental Resources Management (ERM)



Northgate Environmental Management, Inc

Workshop Sponsors

Northgate Environmental Management, Inc

Carollo Engineers

Who will attend
Meet Senior Decision Makers from the following industry sectors:
  • Agronomist
  • Director of Agronomical Development
  • Agricultural Researcher
  • Head of Quality & Sustainability
Heavy Industry and Mining
  • Global head of HSE
  • Environmental Director
Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals
  • Head of Global Citizenship
  • Director Environment
  • Safety
  • Security
Chemicals Companies
  • Sustainability Center Director
  • Head of Security
  • Safety Environment
  • Head of CSR
  • Communications Director
  • Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Risk Manager
  • Technology Directors
  • National Government Organizations
  • Water engineering and technology firms
  • Water, sustainability, HSE consultancies
  • NGOs
  • Bio fuels manufacturers
  • Venture Capitalists Emerging Markets
  • Developing World Investment Banks and Investment Research Companies
  • Supply Chain Management and Risk Consultancies
  • Farm And Land Management Consultancies

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  Water Scarcity Risks & Footprints In The Supply Chain - Understanding, Measuring & Managing

SECTOR FOCUS>>Agriculture>>Raw Material Sourcing>> Industrial Manufacturing>>Energy & Mining

DEEP REGIONAL ANALYSIS OF Western USA>> Africa>>China>>South America>>Southern/Eastern Europe

Speakers Include

Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker
Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker

Understand How To Measure Footprints & Manage Water Scarcity Risks

Post Copenhagen 2009, the world’s business leaders will turn their attention onto the burgeoning importance of water availability.

Empirical data now shows that climate change and population growth is already impacting water availability in regions as diverse as Western United States, South America, China and Eastern Europe. Recently, for example, the Mexican Federal Government warned that Mexico City may suffer an acute shortage of water by February 2010.

As a multi-national, with a global supply chain, you need to understand business risks like these.

Key Learning Benefits Include:

  • Review The Levels Of Available Water And Predictions For Future Water Stress
  • Examine The Business Case For Measuring Water Footprints & Addressing High Risk Water Stress Hotspots And Understand What Is At Risk If You Do Not Take Action
  • Understand Why Water Risk Along The Supply Chain Is The Next Big Issue Facing Operations
  • Hear Best Practice Case Studies On Developing Measurement Methodologies And Participate In Focused Discussions On Standards, Including Input From The Water Footprint Network, ISO, European Union And California State And The Mexican Water Regulator
  • Benefit From Regional Analyses Of Water Availability – Africa, China, North America, South America Risks Of Water Scarcity And Developing Better Water Management In Africa, Europe, The Middle East, North And South America
  • Develop Your Understanding Of Water Risks In Agriculture And How To Work With Growers To Minimize Water Usage, Via Tightening Up Operations Or Developing Technology
  • Develop Your Strategies For Working With Multiple Partners On Complex Supply Chains And On Watersheds Supplies

Having signed up to the UN’s CEO Water mandate, leading multi-nationals with global supply chains are investing in consumption assessments, either via life cycle analyses or water footprint methodology. Armed with this information, some corporations are asking: How can this data be used to secure business strategies for the future? Meanwhile, within the consumer products sector, retailers are spearheading the development of a sustainability index allowing consumers to make purchasing decisions, based on water usage metrics and labels

Introducing, American Business Conferences’ Water Footprinting & Availability Risk Management 2010, the first event to focus on practical solutions for assessing and managing water availability risk, within regional contexts  (U.S. and global) and specific to either agriculture or industrial operations/mining/manufacturing.

The summit brings together multi-national corporations, with complex international supply chains, to share insights on measuring water use in volume and investigating new and innovative strategies to secure your business in regions of increasing water scarcity.

With plenary sessions on water risk strategy and specific streams divided into specific solutions for managing risks in (1) Agriculture and (2) Manufacturing, mining and industrial operations, this event will help you plan future strategy as well as implement practical steps on managing your water footprint

Researched With & Produced For The Following Sectors:

  • Food and drink (managing agricultural and manufacturing supply chain operations)
  • Clothing (managing agricultural and manufacturing supply chain operations)
  • Consumer products including electronics (managing manufacturing supply chain operations)
  • Steel, heavy industrial manufacturing, aerospace, automotive (managing heavy industrial supply chain operations)
  • Oil and gas, petrochemicals (managing mining and heavy industrial supply chain operations)
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences (agriculture and heavy industrial supply chain operations)


IPWA Ceres Cleantech Investor
Company BSR
CSRwire WaterLink International Company
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Latest News
Just confirmed, Pre-Conference Workshop - Science and Technology Primer on Water Management . . More

Expert Speaker Panel
Willie K. Johnson
Associate Director – Global Product Supply Sustainability
Procter & Gamble
Elaine Dorward-King
Global Head Of Health Safety Environment
Rio Tinto
Roland Schroeder
Head Of Sustainability And Product Safety
John Frazier
Director Of Considered Chemistry
Chris Williams
Director Of Freshwater Conservation
Bruce Lauerman
Natural Resources Manager
Nestle Waters North America
Gregory S. Reub
Principal, Natural Resource Valuation Practice Leader
Tom Cooper
Corporate Water Programs Manager
Lisa Quezada
Sustainable Development Manager
Jeff Seabright
VP, Environment and Water Resources
The Coca-Cola Company
Zack Mansdorf
Former Sr VP Safety Health And Environment
Senior VP
Estrellita Fuentes Nava
Jason Morrison
Economic Globalization and the Environment Program Director
Pacific Institute
Dave Shenton
National Energy Manager
Lafarge Cement
Dave Spitzley
Product Sustainability Manager
Jonathan Kaplan
Senior Policy Specialist
Natural Resources Defence Council
P Joseph Grindstaff
John Bohn
Secretary for Water
Troy Elliott
Director of Agronomy
BoltHouse Farms
Maile Smith
Corporate Sustainability Co-Ordinator
Northgate Environmental Management, Inc
Brooke Barton
Senior Manager, Corporate Programs
Scott McGinty
Executive Vice President
Aurora Organic Dairy
Steve McDonald
Carollo Engineers
Pascual Benito
Senior Staff Engineer
Northgate Environmental Management, Inc.
Yoram Rubin
University of California, Berkeley
Slav Hermanowicz
Associate Professor
University of California, Berkeley
Linda Hwang
Manager, Environmental Research & Innovation
Steven Avadek
Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant
Marty Matlock
Area Director, Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability
University Of Arkansas
Dr. Velislava Ivanova
Global Water Sustainability Practice Lead
John McKinnon
Lead Water Strategist
Carey King
Research Associate, Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy
University of Texas At Austin
Jonathan C Kaledin
Blue Water Certification Program Director
The Nature Conservancy
Roger Pulwarty
Director, National Integrated Drought Information System
Bas Mohrmann
Principal Investment Officer
Karin M. Krchnak
Senior Advisor, International Water Policy
The Nature Conservancy
Jan Dell
Water Core Project Team
World Business Council Sustainable Development

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